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Air tents, another name for inflatable tents, have become more and more common in recent years. Furthermore, despite the fact that their name may evoke memories of the vintage bouncy castles that we all adored as children, inflatable tents actually house some of the newest camping innovations available.

Inflatable tents: what are they?
In appearance, inflatable tents resemble regular tents quite a bit. There is one significant distinction, though:Inflatable tent use inflatable beams that are inflated to hold the tent’s shell rather than metal or fiberglass poles.

What benefits may inflatable tents offer?
When compared to tents with poles, inflatable tents have the primary advantage of being significantly faster to set up and take down. This is due to the poles’ integration with the tent’s body as well as the fact that they are inflatable.

Many of the challenges involved in setting up regular tents are reduced when the tent has inflatable poles that are integrated into the design. Unwieldy, frequently multi-meter-long poles don’t need to be unfolded and connected. The days of battling to get those poles into the right shape and straining to get them through the canvas are over.

Unquestionably, the convenience of an inflatable tent outweighs any potential price increases.

Are inflatable tents dependable and sturdy?
Despite being inflated, inflatable tents are equally as durable and dependable as regular tents. They come with the standard man ropes and pegs to keep them securely fastened to the ground, and they are resistant to heavy winds.

Although punctures are uncommon, most inflated tents include a puncture repair kit in case of an emergency. If necessary, you can also purchase replacement air tubes for specific models.

How is an inflatable tent pitched?
An inflatable tent is quite simple to set up. To inflate each air beam, just attach the pump; the process should only take a few minutes. After the tent is completely inflated, make sure all of the air valves are shut tightly, and then use the guy ropes and pegs to fasten the tent to the ground.

One thing to keep in mind is that since different manufacturers use different valve systems, you’ll probably need to utilize the pump that came with your tent. Thus, if you own multiple inflatable tents, just make sure you have the appropriate pump on hand.

Which are the available inflatable tents?
Selecting an inflatable tent has many similarities to selecting a traditional tent, with similar factors to take into account. How many individuals intend to use the tent? Do you wish you could stand up in here? What is your desired number of bedrooms? Would more interior space be beneficial?

Our JL 4 Person Inflatable tent and JL 6 Person Inflatable tent, which we offer here at JL, combine a short pitching time with lots of interior space, making them an excellent option for any camping or staycation.

While the 6-Person Inflatable tent has three double bedrooms and a walk-in height of 200mm, the 4-Person Inflatable tent has two double bedrooms and a maximum walk-in height of 195mm.

Both have a double skin to help prevent condensation, can be used in heavy rain, are perfect for British weather, come in a large bag for easy storage, and are backed by a two-year guarantee.

Purchase inflatable tents
If you’re trying to make extra room while you’re traveling, be sure to check out our selection of inflatable awnings for campers and caravans.

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