10000 Liter Foldable Water Bladder PVC Water Storage Tank

10000 Liter Foldable Water Bladder PVC Water Storage Tank

10000 Liter PVC water storage tank provides a versatile solution for a variety of applications. Their extended service life is guaranteed by their resilience to age, heat, wear, and tear. These tanks are lightweight to save on freight costs and are easy to pack and move due to their flexibility and collapsibility. A flexible plasticized PVC coating with UV inhibitors is applied over a high-tenacity polyester base fabric to create PVC water storage tanks. To achieve airtight integrity, the PVC-coated polymer fabric is gripped firmly, and the tank is assembled using heat sealing or high-frequency welding. Rainfall harvesting, irrigation, defensive water storage, emergency rescue, emergency rescue utilizing PVC water tanks, and combating forest fires are all possible uses for these tanks.


Product Description

Features: 10000 PVC water storage tank
1. Wear-resistant, tear-resistant, heat-resistant, age-resistant.
2. Easy to pack, foldable, and flexible.
3. Lightweight and reduced weight.
4. Polyester base fabric with great toughness.
5. Applying UV inhibitors to flexible plasticized PVC.
6. Polymer fabric with PVC coating clipped.
7. Heat sealing or high-frequency welding.

PVC water storage tanks, sometimes referred to as poly tanks or plastic tanks, are typically among the most affordable choices for storing rainwater, city water, or well water. Poly tanks are typically circular in shape and come in a range of heights and diameters thanks to rotomolding. Though some provide other hues, such as dark brown or mocha, the majority of poly tank manufacturers only provide water tanks in green or black.



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