Air Cushion Inflatable Boat 2700gsm Drop Stitched PVC Fabric Double Wall Fabric

Air Cushion Inflatable Boat 2700gsm Drop Stitched PVC Fabric Double Wall Fabric

Drop stitched PVC fabric 2700gsm is a high-performance, multipurpose material. Stretch, flame retardancy, mildew resistance, water resistance, rip resistance, odor resistance, UV resistance, and antibacterial qualities are just a few of the fabric’s remarkable qualities. It can function steadily in the range of -30°C to -30°C. Wide range of temperatures: 70°C to 2.1°C. It offers best-in-class performance because to its smooth surfaces, lightweight design, airtight construction, and sound insulation. Strength, flexibility, and adhesion are combined through the use of lamination and hot melt coating technology. This type of cloth is frequently found on yoga mats, surfboards, and inflatable gym mats.


Product Description

Features: 2700gsm Drop stitched PVC fabric
1. Waterproof, tear-resistant, flame-retardant, anti-mildew, anti-odor, anti-UV, and anti-bacterial
2. Ideal temperature range: -30°C to 70°C
3. Width: 1.5–2.1 meters

The manufacture of double-layer fabrics is a recently developed concept. The fabric surface is tightly interconnected by vertical pile fibers interwoven with the skin, which are essentially tens of thousands of tiny, evenly spaced polyester treads, woven into the underside of the deck and base material to ensure that when the board inflates and The threads do not expand excessively when they reach their maximum length.

Polyester is almost always used in this process because it has little elasticity and is strong and durable. Because of this, the double-layer fabric has good skin-core, anti-debonding, surface stability, self-cleaning, anti-aging and various weather resistance properties, and is widely used in swimming pools, mattresses, boat bottoms, inflatable SUPs and other places. Additionally, structural gaps can be filled with foam to provide synergistic support with vertical piles.


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