Khaki outdoor camping inflatable tent

Khaki outdoor camping inflatable tent

The outdoor camping inflatable tent is a convenient and portable inflatable tent suitable for a variety of outdoor scenes.It is the perfect option for outdoor sports and camping because of its quick inflation, lightweight, easy-to-carry design, excellent stability, high level of comfort, and comprehensive accessory set. Time and effort can be saved by just clicking to open the tent after inflation. It only takes seven seconds to swiftly attach the air column bracket. The room is spacious due to the 2.4 meter high ceiling. You are free to enjoy the spacious interactive area and the cozy area without feeling constrained.
Sun protection coating, heat insulation and cooling, can be used in rain or shine to easily cope with multiple outdoor weather conditions, 1 door + 5 screen windows, ventilated and cool, open to a wider field of vision, door and screen window privacy curtain design, easy to retract, strong privacy, fully closed for a sense of security, 210D encrypted PU Oxford cloth material. The whole body is rain-proof and dew-proof with a waterproof index of 5000+. It is equipped with a 65-square-meter large canopy, which is spacious and ventilated to expand the activity space.


Product Description

The product features are:

Features: outdoor camping inflatable tent
Technology: Oxford cloth (external tent), wear-resistant PVC cloth (ground cloth), polyester mesh (mesh), PVC air column, polyester thread (suture)
Material: Air column: air-tight cloth, outer cover: crystalline cloth
Weight: 23.8KG (including accessories and storage bag)
Supply type: Support customization
Temperature: normal temperature
Density: yarn count
Purpose: outdoor inflatable tent
Specifications: National standard size: 3.4 meters long X 2.4 meters wide X 2.4 meters high (size, material, color, thickness, etc.)
Storage size: 800mm*480mm*500mm
Color: Khaki/can be customized
Product advantages: One-click inflatable automatic installation/Interactive large space/Sun protection and heat insulation/Rainproof and waterproof/Convenient retractable/Strong privacy



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