PVC Advertising Banner Black Back Soft Weather Resistant 300gsm

PVC Advertising Banner Black Back Soft Weather Resistant 300gsm

A premium option for durable and striking presentations is the 300gsm PVC  Advertising Banner. Among the many characteristics this banner offers is a composition of high strength that guarantees damage-free installation even under trying circumstances. It is made with an emphasis on outdoor durability and is guaranteed to be weather-resistant for three to five years. Thanks to customized treatments aimed at meeting particular requirements, its applicability to different industries demonstrates its versatility. This banner is a complete and reliable option for a variety of applications because it also has extra treatments like flame retardancy, anti-static qualities, anti-cold capabilities, and anti-mildew features.


Product Description

The product features are:

1. 300gsm PVC advertising banner
2. Color:White/Black; White/Grey is available
3. Processor: Coated, Semi-coated, Hot Laminated, Cold Laminated
4. High Strength to prevent any damage during installation.
5. Outdoor life assurance, good weather resistance. (3-5 years)
PVC with black and white stripes can be used for greenhouses for breeding, trucks, and yard canopies. This fabric can tolerate a variety of environmental conditions, including rain and pollution, during truck transportation. It also offers the benefits of being waterproof, wear- and corrosion-resistant. In addition, trucks’ visual appeal can be enhanced by the use of black and white stripe patterns.
Process: Knife scraping
Material: PVC
Weight: Type of supply
Support customization: yes
Temperature: normal temperature
Usage: Logistics trucks, cargo yard canopies, breeding greenhouses, etc.
Product advantages: Strong factory/support customization/cold resistance/anti-UV/flame retardant/anti-penetration


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