PVC Frontlit flexible banner PVC mesh raw material 220gsm

PVC Frontlit flexible banner PVC mesh raw material 220gsm

Your best option for printed advertising banners is the 220gsm PVC Frontlit flexible banner. One of its outstanding qualities is that it works flawlessly with solvent-based digital printing, guaranteeing excellent print quality with steady ink absorption and quick drying. Flexible banner is long-lasting due to its chemical stability and has strong physical strength and suppleness, which make it easy to handle and user-friendly. It is also appropriate for a variety of indoor and outdoor applications due to its optional anti-UV and fireproof treatments, which provide further protection and versatility.


Product Description

The product features are:

1. 220gsm Frontlit flexible banner
1. Excellently compatible with various solvent-based digital printing.
2. Perfect printing impression with stable ink absorption and faster drying.

flexible banner is a type of PVC material that contains organic compound mixtures.The fact that you can print on it is quite convenient because it is lightweight and incredibly durable. Thanks to its qualities, flexible banner can be regarded as the preferred material in a variety of fields. JINLONG prints are advertisements created to satisfy the demands of industry professionals.

A popular material in the digital printing sector, flexible banner is reasonably priced and long-lasting. This material is printed digitally using a process known as flexible banner printing.

Application Domains for Flexible Banner Material

Flexible banner printing is the standard in a wide range of industries. These applications can be found in practically every industry. in particular, its utilization areas:

Banners and banner printing for marketing or publicity
Wall art or decorative pieces
Flexible banner digital printing of the totem printing type is utilized for stretching facades and buildings.
Printing on canvas for illuminated signs
This material is incredibly popular for printing on display stands.
Furthermore, it is often utilized in fields like stage printing, Ataturk posters, and a variety of signage.

What Benefits Can Flexible Banner Printing Offer?

indoors, flexible banner printing is widely utilized, is safe for people’s health. Additionally, it is rather cost-effective and won’t put a strain on your finances. Flexible banner prints are incredibly advantageous in terms of longevity because they are lightweight and simple to apply. In addition, a lot of businesses use it because of its exceptional resistance to bad weather. Flexible banner is especially well suited for printing at high resolution.


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