12 kvadratinių metrų lauko pripučiama palapinė

12 kvadratinių metrų lauko pripučiama palapinė

Outdoor inflatable tent is a type of outdoor accommodation facility that can be quickly built. With features including wind resistance, thermal insulation, mobility, stability, and waterproofing, it has an inflatable frame structure and is appropriate for a variety of situations. It is constructed from high-strength PVC and performs well in terms of waterproofness and durability. To guarantee a secure and enjoyable user experience, consideration should be given to specifics and usage techniques when choosing and utilizing.


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Features: 12 square meters outdoor inflatable tent
Technology: Oxford cloth (external tent), wear-resistant PVC fabric (ground cloth), polyester mesh (mesh), PVC air column, polyester thread (stitching)
Material: air column: air-tight cloth, outer cover: kristalinis audinys
Weight: 22.8 KG (including accessories and storage bag)
Tiekimo tipas: palaikykite pritaikymą
Temperatūra: normali temperatūra
Tankis: verpalų skaičius
Paskirtis: lauko pripučiama palapinė
Specifications: National standard size: 6 meters long X 3 meters wide X 2 meters high
Spalva: chaki / gali būti pritaikyta
Product advantages: waterproof/sunproof/anti-seepage/long service life/explosion-proof/strong toughness

Inflatable tents are a great way to save time and guarantee that your next camping trip will be simpler.You can speed up the fun part of pitching by using an air tent from our collection! Because the JINLONGAS inflatable camping tent lacks a center pole, it offers an unobstructed, pod-like interior and living area, providing even more space for glamping furnishings like tables and chairs. To simply inflate your dome tent—which you can also use to pump up your airbeds—use our electrical air pump.

Whether you need an air tent for two, four, or six people, our JINLONG is available in a variety of sizes. Additionally, the UV, rot, mold, and water-repellent treatment applied to its Polycotton Canvas material guarantees optimal ventilation for you and your tent while you sleep under the stars. To enjoy your most opulent outdoor experience to date, don’t forget to outfit your inflatable camping tent with our assortment of gorgeous glamping accessories.

Visit jlongtarpaulin.com to browse the selection of inflatable dome tents.



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