What’s the difference between PVC and canvas?

We are frequently asked which material—canvas or PVC—is preferable. JLONG can assist you if you are experiencing problems selecting the ideal material for your impending project! Naturally, each of these materials has advantages and disadvantages, which makes choosing one over the other a little difficult. To assist you in making the greatest choice, let’s examine […]

What Separates Regular Tarps From Heavy-Duty Truck Tarps?

Regular and heavy-duty truck tarps are offered by JLONG Products. They are not interchangeable. Heavy-duty truck tarps are not likely to be found at your neighborhood big-box department or hardware shop, even though we carry both. Specialty tarps like as heavy-duty truck tarps are only available from businesses such as ours. What Distinguishes Regular Tarps […]

5 types of PVC banner material

There are four primary types of PVC banner material, which are mesh, blockout, backlit, and frontlit, depending on various properties. Polyvinyl chloride, or PVC, has many remarkable qualities. It is strong, resilient, lightweight, easy to maintain, and temperature-tolerant. On PVC, it is possible to produce prints that are incredibly good. However, a polyester yarn-based fabric […]