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PVC flexible banner related description

One kind of PVC material that includes combinations of organic compounds is PVC flex banner material. The fact that you can print on it is quite convenient because it is lightweight and incredibly durable. Because of these qualities, PVC flex banner material is regarded as the material of choice in a variety of areas. Although the industrial printers are specifically made to operate on flex material, they function similarly to any other structure mechanism. Point-of-purchase signage, personalized office signs, trade fair displays, retail store signs, and real estate signage are a few other uses for flex printing. PVC flex banner printing is widely utilized inside and does not present any health risks to people.
Additionally, it is rather cost-effective and won’t put a strain on your finances. PVC flex banner printing are incredibly advantageous in terms of longevity because they are lightweight and simple to apply. In addition, a lot of businesses use it because of its exceptional resistance to bad weather. PVC flex banner is very well suited for printing at high resolution.

Different kinds of pvc banner

PVC banners come in a variety of forms to accommodate a wide range of requirements. Depending on your specific needs, JINLONG offers frontlit, backlit, mesh, and block out banner options.

PVC frontlit banner

Coated Frontlit

A type of coated or laminated PVC film used for indoor or outdoor advertisement displays is called a PVC frontlit (frontlight) banner. It is made to have the best possible front illumination. There are four types of surfaces. The surfaces are semi-matte, glossy, matte, and semi-glossy. It works well with UV, Latex, Eco-Solvent, and solvent printing.
The frontlit banner material is composed of flexible PVC and durable yarn. Waterproof, anti-UV, and featuring vibrant, long-lasting designs. These days, roll-up banners, large format billboards, exhibition stands, and billboards all make extensive use of it.

PVC backlit banner

Laminated Backlit

Backlit banners, also known as backlight banners, are a type of flexible and translucent printed film that are frequently used for displaying advertisements at trade shows and other big indoor or outdoor gatherings. It has a variety of textiles. The flag is behind the primary source of light. Additionally, it lets in more light. It is excellent if you wish to conceal your light source for reasons of safety, space, or design.

Customized logo printing presses use backlit banners. It works well for outdoor billboards, signs, and large-scale outdoor advertising. The JINLONG PVC backlit banner is waterproof, resilient to abrasion, moistureproof, and environmentally friendly. This unique flexible substrate is perfect for backlit displays such as in-store displays, building murals, outdoor and indoor billboards, big format light boxes, airport light boxes, exhibition booth decorating, and more.

Mesh banner

Mesh banners are an additional option for extremely big building wrap advertising; they are composed of flexible PVC with tiny holes and highly durable yarn. It is a type of extremely flexible polymer designed specifically for all injection systems that use eco-solvents or ink solvents.

The materials used to make mesh banners are strong, resistant to weather, have a light transmission surface, are waterproof, anti-UV, and have vibrant designs, among other qualities.

If you want to create a building mural or fence display, you will require one. It has a positive impact when applied to fence advertising. If you live in a location with strong winds, it may be an excellent approach to relax your concerns about windy days because it is made with a unique construction that can successfully guard against wind.

Blockout banner

Coated Blockout

One type of high-quality coating material for indoor and outdoor posters is called blockout banner. It is 100% opaque for advertising banners and is printable on one or both sides. The blockout banner material itself is flexible, weather- and fire-resistant, and composed of high-strength yarn. There are surfaces that are glossy or matte.

What is the range of temperatures that you may use PVC banners in?
The temperature range that applies is as follows: the minimum is -20 degrees, and the highest is unrestricted.

PVC banner long life tips are as follows:

PVC flex banners are typically constructed of sturdy plastic and have a long lifespan. Many aspects, such as the banner’s application area, installation, environment, climate, maintenance, and others, might affect how long it lasts.

Aim to avoid hanging wet banners. Before putting it away or hanging it again, spread it out and let it completely dry.
Refrain from pulling wet banners up.
Use soapy water to regularly clean your banner.
Keep your flag somewhere dry and cold.
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