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The working principle of TPU Fabric.

TPU is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable materials available and is what we use for waterproofing. TPU is a completely safe and non-toxic material for food. TPU doesn’t include any substances that mess with hormone or endocrine systems, nor does it cause PH changes in water or soil. Since it is completely biodegradable, solvent-free, and has not undergone any chemical processing, there is no outgassing.

The term “breathability” describes TPU’s capacity to both circulate air and retain moisture/perspiration. Compared to PUL or nylon, TPU performs better. It also goes beyond other waterproof options. According to our research and development, TPU is the least “plastic” waterproof material compared to nylon or PUL (polyurethane laminate)

A thermoplastic polyurethane membrane is bonded to a base textile, like nylon or polyester fabric, to generate waterproof TPU fabrics. This process produces a variety of high-performing materials that are waterproof and durable without sacrificing flexibility.

TPU Fabric is a material with many great qualities. It is resistant to chemicals, ozone, oxygen, oil, and gasoline. It also has good bending and tensile strength, a big elongation break, low temperature resistance, and a low long-term deformation rate.  TPU textiles also preserve the suppleness and flexibility of the base materials. Together, these qualities result in technical fabrics that can survive a great deal of wear and environmental stresses in hundreds of applications.

Applications for Bladders

TPU fabrics resist abrasions and punctures, are resistant to UV rays, and can withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions. When combined with welded or glued seals, these materials are very good at holding liquid and air. Because of this, it’s perfect for bladder-related applications like:

inflatable floatation devices, inflatable mattresses, splints, and lifts for medical purposes; flexible storage tanks and bags for food and beverage products (milk, wine, and oils); pharmaceuticals; and all forms of fossil fuels; environmental applications, including oil booms, barriers/berms, flood and spill protection and control.
TPU fabric bladders are robust enough for use in long-term storage and transit.

Applications for Garments

TPU fabrics are lightweight, waterproof, and retain their flexibility. They can be used to make outdoor clothing, survival suits, dry suits, and other types of protective gear. TPU-fabric-made clothing is resistant to ultraviolet light. Additionally, they are resistant to abrasion, puncture, chemicals, detergents, and bodily fluids, ensuring wearer safety and simplifying cleanup.

Applications for Tensioned Fabrics

TPU fabrics are ideal for applications requiring structural strength and exposure to the environment due to their exceptional mechanical qualities and UV resistance. smaller tensioned applications, such as conveyor belts, hyperbaric chambers, shower carts, stretchers, lifting bags, and buoyancy compensators, to mention a few.

Industrial Uses

TPU fabrics can be employed in applications outside traditional fabric uses because of their strong tensile and compression strengths, weldability, and chemical resistance. The extensive selection of TPU fabrics can be used to create lifting bags, water weights, bellows, curtains, flexible ducting, antistatic oil seals, anti-decubitus air cells, and quick-deploy tents.

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