PVC large capacity water storage tank

PVC large capacity water storage tank

A huge water storage container composed of PVC is called a PVC large capacity water storage tank. It is frequently used for storing water in homes, businesses, and other areas due to its enormous capacity, portability, and ease of handling. It must be put on a level surface, cleaned and maintained on a regular basis, and kept out of direct sunshine and extreme heat.


Product Description

product name

PVC large capacity water storage tank
Process: Coating
Supply type: Support customization
Temperature: normal temperature
Usage: Fire drills, building irrigation, military water use, chemical liquid storage, etc.
Product advantages: Strong factory/support customization/sun protection and anti-corrosion/wear and tear resistance/large water storage/portable and easy to stack

An innovative water bladder outlet design
In order to prevent leaks and sustain extended use, the water spout is reinforced. Water flow size and speed can be readily adjusted.
Incorporate a fast-adapter connector. Connect and disconnect various water supply equipment quickly, and adjust with ease.
robust PVC water bladder
PVC resin is applied to both sides of the water bladder, giving it anti-static, waterproof, and fireproof qualities.
Superior elasticity and tensile characteristics, along with exceptional resistance to drops and abrasions, are offered by thickened material.

Water Bladder Carry Handles with a Portable Design
The water bladder is easy to carry thanks to its four carrying handles. Ideal for use on outdoor adventures and in daily life
The handles are made of materials and structure that are strong and long-lasting enough to support the weight of the bladder.

Our water storage bladders provide a broad range of water solutions for different applications, such as irrigation of agricultural land, building sites, outdoor camping, and home and garden watering. The water storage bladders’ easy operation, premium construction, and leak-proof design make them perfect for a variety of situations and water supply requirements.




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