Polyether TPU water tank is anti-mildew and anti-UV

Polyether TPU water tank is anti-mildew and anti-UV

Polyether TPU is a flexible material that may be used for a variety of water-related applications. It is well-known for its resistance to low temperatures. With certifications for food and drink water quality, Polyether TPU is safe to use for both regular liquid storage and disaster relief operations. It can withstand high temperatures, making it ideal for use in forest fire fighting, rainfall collection, and temporary storage. It’s also a favored option for PVC water tank bridge load testing and a dependable solution for public and domestic water storage.


Product Description

1. Polyether TPU, resistant to UV rays, mildew, and low temperatures
2. Gathering of Rainfall
3. Fighting fires in the woods
4. Select a PVC water tank to gauge the weight of the bridge.
5. Water Storage for Residential and Public Use.
6. Applications for Defense Water Storage.

Our team of experts at JINLONG has over 140 years of experience with materials, which enables us to fully comprehend the applications of our customers and select the ideal materials that offer the best possible balance between performance and cost.We take great pride in our ability to laminate or extrude nearly any polymer known to man. Thermoplastic polyurethane, or TPU, is a great option for a lot of demanding applications because of its strength, durability, and chemical resistance. The uses for TPU are rapidly growing as more engineers and designers become aware of its advantages.
TPUs can be broadly classified into two chemical classes: polyester-based and polyether-based. The chemistry controls the plastic’s behavior, thus this is an excellent place to start when determining a grade.

Ester-containing polyols are used to create polyester thermoplastic polymers (TPUs). Superior mechanical qualities, including as tensile strength, chemical resistance, and abrasion resistance, characterize this class of TPU. These grades are also very compatible with other polar plastics, such as PVC or ABS, thanks to the ester group in the polymer backbone.

Polyols with ether groups are used to make polyether TPUs. These grades are resistant to microbes and hydrolysis due to the resultant chemistry. That means polyether TPUs are ideal for medical applications applications where moisture and bacterial growth are concerns. They work well with nonpolar substrates because they are not quite as polar as the polyester grades. Furthermore, compared to ester-based TPUs, they are more adept at retaining elasticity at low temperatures.
Specialty grades of TPU do exist outside of this continuum, however the majority of commercially available grades fall into one of these two categories. For example, TPUs based on polycaprolactone blend the flexibility of ether grades at low temperatures with the robust mechanical qualities of ester grades .


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