850 gsm PVC tent fabric blackout flame retardant UV resistant tent fabric

850 gsm PVC tent fabric blackout flame retardant UV resistant tent fabric

The 850 gsm Blackout PVC Tent Fabric is a robust option intended for a range of uses. With double PVC coating for flame retardancy, UV resistance, and waterproof qualities that satisfy European requirements DIN 4102 B1 and M2, as well as other certifications from BV, SGS, CE, and others, this fabric is brimming with features.With its self-cleaning characteristic, long lifespan, resistance to UV rays, and extended use, the 850 gsm PVC tent fabric guarantees durability. It is a solid option for a variety of applications since it has exceptional tearing and high tensile strength, as well as peeling strength for welding. It also has anti-ultraviolet (UV) treatment and offers PVDF or acrylic treatment choices, which improves its versatility and compatibility for various needs.


Product Description

The product features are:

1.850 gsm Blackout Tent Fabric made of PVC
2. Strong peeling ability when welding.
3. Excellent tensile strength and ripping strength
4.Anti-ultraviolet therapy (UV).
5. Application of PVDF or acrylic
The 850 gsm PVC Tent Fabric we can use different combination of polyester yarns and forms of weaving. That wil change its tearing strength, breaking strength.etc.Additionally, by altering the formulation to enable FR, anti-static, airtight chemical resistance, etc., we can adjust the thickness and structure of pvc film to manage weight. Additionally, the hardness of the pvc film can result in a distinct hand sensation. When producing, we can utilize various technologies (such as knife coating, hot lamination, and cold lamination) for various material applications. A different embossing roller can produce an embossed or matte pattern on the material. This is how we may alter industrial fabrics to meet specific needs. As an OEM manufacturer, JINLONG New Material offers a wide range of materials with varying styles and requirements, or can be made entirely to order.


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