PVC tarpaulin 950gsm 1000D tensile membrane structure tarpaulin

PVC tarpaulin 950gsm 1000D tensile membrane structure tarpaulin

950gsm 1000D tensile membrane structure made of PVC tarpaulin Tarpaulin is a multipurpose material that is perfect for permanent tents, sports centers, outdoor shade structures, and pool coverings. Remarkable characteristics of its surface include weather resistance, UV protection, anti-stick properties, stain resistance, self-cleaning capabilities, and a smooth, reflecting finish. tensile membrane structure It satisfies strict safety regulations by offering fire resistance and high-temperature tolerance with options for polyester base fabric and coatings like PTFE, PVDF, or ETFE. Structure of a tensile membrane Its elastic, smooth surface assures long-lasting cleanliness, while its lightweight, flexible construction offers remarkable seismic performance. With its quick production time, extended lifespan, effective self-cleaning qualities, low energy consumption, and long heat insulation, this fabric is a green choice.


Product Description

The product features are:

1. Features: 950gsm 1000DPVC stretch film structure
2. Use: permanent tent, outdoor shade, sports center, swimming pool cover.
3. Surface: weather-resistant, UV-resistant, self-cleaning, anti-fouling, anti-scratch, anti-stick, smooth, and reflecting.
4.The kind of membrane is polyester with an optional PTFE or PVDF coating, and ETFE on top.
Fire protection standards are met by being both fireproof and resistant to high temperatures.
5. It has low energy consumption, long service life, heat insulation and efficient self-cleaning.



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