Camouflage cold-resistant and sun-resistant PVC tarpaulin

Camouflage cold-resistant and sun-resistant PVC tarpaulin

Camouflage PVC tarpaulin is a material that resists wear and tear and is waterproof, sunproof, and rainproof. There is a camouflage effect from the surface covering. It is generally applicable to trucks, outdoor sun protection, waterproofing, and other situations. Both individuals and objects can be hidden at the same time. incredibly useful.


Product Description

The product features are:

Features: Camouflage cold-resistant and sun-resistant PVC tarpaulin
Process: coating
Supply type: Support customization
Temperature: cold and sun resistant
Usage: Used in trucks, outdoor awnings, tents and other industries
Product advantages: Strong factory/support customization/cold resistance/anti-UV/flame retardant/anti-penetration

The primary application for camouflage tarpaulin is as an awning for vehicles, vegetable greenhouses, and booths. Camouflage PVC tarpaulin is used in construction, trucks, factories, mining enterprises, seaports and docks for long-term waterproof and sunscreen, etc. It has strong breaking resistance, tearing elongation, tearing strength, and other properties that make it superior to similar products. Aluminum eyelets, four-edge triangular plastic reinforcement, and PP tarpaulin rope are used for edge sealing and reinforcement.

Pattern of Camouflage For all of your tarpaulin needs, as well as for adding a little additional military flair, tarpaulins are perfect. These are an excellent substitute for a camouflage net. These are significantly lighter than camouflage netting, yet they are just as durable. When a camouflage tent might be a bit too much for bushcraft campers and fishers, a camouflage tarpaulin comes in handy.

JINLONG is a prominent Chinese producer that specializes in PVC coated fabrics and high duty camouflage tarpaulin. In response to customer demands, we have expanded our product line to include camouflage boat tarp and camouflage tarp cover.


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