20000L PVC water tank foldable pillow type inflatable water tank

20000L PVC water tank foldable pillow type inflatable water tank

PVC water tanks with a capacity of 10,000 liters provide adaptable solutions for a range of uses. Their longevity is guaranteed by their resilience to heat, wear, tears, and aging. These tanks are lightweight to save on freight expenses and are collapsible and flexible, making them simple to pack and move.PVC water tank made of flexible plasticized PVC coated with UV inhibitors and a high-tenacity polyester base cloth. The PVC-coated polymer fabric is clipped firmly, and the tanks are assembled using heat sealing or high-frequency welding to ensure airtight integrity. These tanks are used for collecting rainfall, storing water for homes and public spaces, storing water for defense, disaster relief, irrigation, testing the load on bridges using PVC water tanks, and combating forest fires.


Product Description

Features:  A 20000 liter PVC water tank
1. Age-, heat-, wear-, and tear-resistant
2. Easily packed, foldable, and flexible
3. Lightweight and reduced cargo
4. High-tenacity polyester base fabric
5. Applying a UV inhibitor coating on flexible plasticized PVC
6. Polymer cloth with a clipped PVC covering
7. Heat sealing or high-frequency welding
Applications include: rain collection; water storage for homes and public areas; defense water storage uses; and emergency relief and storage.
• Firefighting in the forest; • Irrigation; • Selecting a PVC water tank to test the strain on the bridge.

PVC water storage tanks are made especially to store large amounts of water. Common uses for these containers, also referred to as cisterns, include municipal water storage, agricultural irrigation, rainfall collection, emergency water supply, and firefighting. The commercial, residential, industrial , and agricultural sectors all employ these PVC water tanks. PVC water storage tank styles that are available include underground water tanks, vertical water tanks, and rainwater collection tanks.

High-grade, high-density PVC resin is rotationally molded into PVC water tanks. They are durable, rugged, and resistant to impact, tears, and punctures.Concrete and iron water tanks are not as good as PVC water tanks for storing water since PVC is inherently resistant to rust and corrosion. The majority are made from virgin PVC that has been approved by the FDA, is food grade, and is NSF 61 certified for long-term usage in handling, storing, and transporting potable water. UV inhibitors are incorporated into the PVC resin to prevent the plastic from deteriorating in the sun. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses and resistant to a wide range of weather conditions and temperatures.

Tanks for vertical water storage are self-supporting and do not need any extra assistance. Black, green, beige, gray, white, red, yellow, and several light and dark variants are among the hues that are available. White has a translucent form , and tanks are opaque. Sunlight penetration is restricted in opaque tanks, reducing the growth of algae. The most widely used tanks are black and green.

Water cisterns made of PVC come in a variety of sizes and capacities. There are fluid quantities ranging from 10 to 20,000 gallons available. Water tanks are standard equipped with 1.5″ fill and 2″ drain fittings, as well as self-venting, slosh-proof lids. There are numerous choices for manufacturer adjustments and customization of tanks. Additional connections and fittings, tie-down systems, sight gauges, ladders, insulation, and heat tracing are among the options. Water storage tanks can be tailored to meet the needs and preferences of each unique application. For queries about operation, custom water tank manufacturing, or additional tank information, get in touch with JINLONG.



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