10000L PVC rectangular water tank soft folding

10000L PVC rectangular water tank soft folding

The 10000L PVC rectangular water tank is built to last and is a dependable option for a range of water storage requirements. Its extended service life is guaranteed by its resilience to age, heat, wear, and tear. The tank is simple to pack and move thanks to its collapsible design. It is built to resist environmental difficulties with a flexible plasticized PVC coating that has UV inhibitors and a high-tenacity polyester base fabric.To guarantee airtight dependability, the PVC-coated polymer cloth is securely clamped, and the tank is put together using heat sealing or high-frequency welding. Rectangular water tanks are useful in many various contexts due to their versatility, dependability, and simplicity of usage. These scenarios include rainwater collection, irrigation, emergency rescue, and public and residential water storage.


Features: 10000L PVC rectangular water tank
1. High-tenacity polyester base fabric
2. Applying UV blockers to flexible plasticized PVC
3. Polymer cloth with a clipped PVC covering
4. Heat sealing or high-frequency welding
• Relief and Storage for Emergencies
• Watering the trees; • Selecting a PVC water tank to gauge the weight of the bridge; • Fighting forest fires

PVC rectangular water tanks are produced in accordance with stringent quality standards, guaranteeing many years of high-performance use. Our one-piece polyethylene material, rugged design, and resistance to impacts make our plastic water tanks the best option for storing potable water. To ensure that potable water is stored safely, we use FDA-approved polymers in the construction of our plastic water tanks. The color combination of green and black blocks light, which inhibits the growth of water-borne algae. Our plastic water tanks will have the NSF approval when appropriate. We provide a self-vented, slosh-proof top, a 1-1/2″ fill fitting, and a 2″ drain fitting with nearly all of our plastic water tanks.


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