Spherical outdoor inflatable tent

Spherical outdoor inflatable tent

This outdoor spherical inflatable tent has a unique design, is easy to set up and has good stability. Its large capacity and super waterproof make camping safer and more comfortable. Whether it is mountains, lakes or seas, it is a good companion for your outdoor adventures, allowing you to appreciate the beauty of the natural world and enjoy the fun of camping.


Product Description

Features: Spherical outdoor inflatable tent
Process: PVC
Material: technical cotton/4d polyester/PVC air column/TPU transparent film
Weight: about 69KG (including accessories)
Supply type: Support customization
Temperature: normal temperature
Density: yarn count
Usage: outdoor camping
Size: Expanded size: 4650x4650x2450mm
Storage size: 1200x800x800mm
Color: army green
Accessories: ground nails x16; ground nail hammer x1; wind rope x8; storage bag x1; high-pressure pump x1; a set of maintenance kits
Product advantages: spherical design/integrated air column/breathable and comfortable/extra large space/UV protection/waterproof base material/strong and stable

One of the most important parts of camping is selecting a inflatable tent, as the usefulness and quality of your tent will have a big impact on your experience.

These days, a range of tent varieties, each with unique characteristics and benefits, can be found in sports stores. Inflatable tents are one of the solutions that have become more and more popular lately.

The more inventive and contemporary design of an inflatable or blow-up tent offers convenience and simplicity of setup. Because of these advantages, this kind of shelter is the most practical choice available. since a result, a growing number of travelers are opting to purchase inflatable tents for their camping trips, since they simplify a lot of tasks.


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