6.3 square outdoor inflatable tent

6.3 square outdoor inflatable tent

An outdoor inflatable tent is a lightweight, portable, and easily assemble temporary home that may be used for a range of outdoor pursuits and adventures. Size, material, inflatable structure, accessories, brand, and quality are all important considerations while making a decision. To ensure safety and comfort when using, it is vital to pay attention to the surrounding environment, fire sources, door and window vents, and other concerns. To increase the tent’s lifespan, routine maintenance and inspection are also required.


Product Description

The product features are:

Features: 6.3 square outdoor inflatable tent
Process: high frequency welding process, sewing process
Material: 210D encrypted PU coated Oxford cloth material
Supply type: Support customization
Temperature: normal temperature
Density: yarn count
Purpose: Inflatable outdoor tent
National standard size: 3*2.1*2m
Storage size: 0.75*0.37*0.5m
Color: Khaki/can be customized
Product features: Full body rainproof/dewproof/waterproof index 5000+

A particularly designed and made outdoor inflatable tent that provides roomy lodging for four seasons is the JINLONG.

This tent is ideal for large gatherings or families because it can hold up to ten people. Its roomy interior and ergonomic design provide a comfortable experience.

JINLONG is constructed with sturdy materials and is intended to withstand four distinct seasons. Its strong resistance to inclement weather and wind resistance guarantee a safe stay at speeds of up to 80 km/h.



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